Thursday, December 2, 2010

Midnight Madness: where you can find Solomon's Puzzle

Vivo on Fleet Street, right near the harbor is offering Solomon's Puzzle tonight.
It happened in the most wonderful way. I met a dear former student, Brianne, at the grocery store. She suggested, in her enthusiastic way, that my novel might sell well at the little boutique where she works. She kindly discussed this with the creative people at Vivo and they said "yes!" Vivo is "a whimsical, colorful and light-spirited boutique featuring regional artists, independent designers, and others who cherish the earth and its inhabitants." Lynne Davis' philosophy sounds beautiful to me!

The store manager, Lacey Kalivoda Wheately, whose upcycled and beautifully sewn clothing line is available at the shop, suggested I make a display. 
Hmm... what to do...? 

Look for the funny, green display I made out of old frames.
I hammered them back together, touched up the paint, sprinkled on some glitter! 

Solomon's Puzzle would make a wonderful Christmas gift. Not only is it full of local color, but it is an uncommon Christmas story with something to interest everyone! 
Tonight at Vivo, if you buy 3 books, you get a little package of hand-made ornaments -- free!

If you buy one book, your gift is a wee package of bookplates, hand-made of course!
this fabulous fabric on the floor of the display is from Cottonseed Glory of course!

Midnight Madness is a wonderful Annapolis tradition!  

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  1. Just tonight? Or will it be available until it sells out?