Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Quick Christmas Gift Idea

If you are looking for a quick gift idea to sew, how about a pillowcase?
The quilters at Cottonseed Glory suggested I make some and I tried it for my grandson's birthday. It is sewn, not quilted.

I made Jack's from bright, primary colors in a dinosaur print.

You need 3/4 of the yard for the main part of the pillowcase.

The cuff requires 1/3 of a yard and you'll need 1/8 of a yard for the flange that sets the cuff off. I used rick-rack as you can see.

Choose from the wonderful bright fabrics such as the kind they have at Cottonseed Glory.
I'm goign to make Joey's from this fabric. He asked for something scary.

What could be cuter?

or sweeter?

or funnier?

Lots of brights...

and Dr. Seuss fabric!!

How about monkey fabric...

with bananas on the cuff? 

This is a favorite, who could resist?

To make the pillowcase, 
Some people wash and iron the fabric before beginning. I guess it depends on how rushed you are. 

Fold the 3/4 length inhalf wrong sides together and take a scant 1/4 inch seam along the top and side, press this well. Turn the fabric right sides together and clip the corners. Take another 1/4 inch seam so that the raw edges will be hidden within the seam (french seam is the technical term).

For the cuff, make a french seam on the short side of the rectangle.  Now your cuff is a tube. Iron under 1/4 inch on one long side. Right sides together now, sew the un-ironed long side of the cuff to the pillowcase. Press the seam toward the cuff. Pin the cuff in place with the edge of the fold touching the stitching line.

Apply rick rack using the same color thread.

Or... if what I wrote is too confusing, there's a pattern available at Cottonseed Glory. Ask at the counter.

Some of the quilters say they make these for everyholiday, some use them to carry or wrap the gifts!

It took me about an hour! It's bright, soft and Jack loves it.

It took me about an hour!

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