Friday, January 14, 2011

Everyone's Welcome At Tea, Too

Did I ever tell you how to make the perfect cup of tea?
First invite some friends.  If they are tiny friends, get out the dolls and the little three legged stool for a tea table. Some things about tea time are thus instinctual, but making the actual tea is not. It is scientific and the formula is strict.
Play for awhile until everyone's tired and thirsty.

You need fresh, cold water. You may not use the stuff that's been sitting in your kettle over night.
Put the kettle on to boil and heat your teapot up by running hot water in it.
Get the tea bags ready. Use one per cup of water and one extra (for the pot).

Stay nearby. You'll hear the water warm up. Soon you'll realize by the rising steam and the sound of bubbles that it is near boiling. Dump the warm water from the teapot and put the tea bags into the pot.
Quick! As soon as the water has reached a full, rolling boil, pour that boiling water into the teapot, on top of the tea bags. Cover the pot with its lid and cover further with a tea cosy or with clean kitchen towels.
the tiny pink and purple teapot sings in a British Accent. Thanks Aunt Stef!

Allow your tea to steep for 3 to 5 minutes. Remove the teabags and serve immediately in a china cup or mug with cream and sugar.
The pink-haired troll is desperate for a cup of tea as you can see.

Each of these steps are vital and must be followed without variation.  The water must not be allowed to boil for several minutes.  Nor should the water be allowed to stand boiled and then cooling in the kettle It must be "just boiled, " when it is poured into the teapot.
Never put the teabags into the pot when the boiled water is already in there. The water must be poured onto the teabags.

Sorry to be so strict, but... well... certain things in life, you know, must be taken very seriously.

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