Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Grannie's Reading Boot Camp Science Experiments

Nothing like brothers working together to make a grannie smile.

First we worked with clay. We like to make sea creatures with clay, and today we made squid and octopus. That's because my grandsons know all the names of the sea creatures.  Swordfish, all the sorts of whales, the different kinds and habits of jellyfish which they explain to me as we make our clay creatures.

Joey told me that in the darkest part of the ocean, the creatures have "bioluminescence." I didn't learn that word until I was teaching Lord of the Flies.

But then we decided to do a science experiment.  Jack has been interested in volcanos for some time. Karl and I bought this tiny plastic one at a terrible toy store recently. We were out together and stopped at a toy store which had only ONE interesting toy. This little volcano. We had to buy something because the poor owner looked so forlorn as if she was realizing she was going to be stuck with the boring inventory for a very long time.

You fill the volcano with baking soda. 

Each boy took a turn to pour in the vinegar. 

What will happen?

And why?
We repeated the experiment about 10 times.

When Andrea got home she said, "Did your activities today have anything to do with vinegar?"

Oh, yes, they did!

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  1. Joey's hair is getting so dark. Must be all those science experiments.