Thursday, January 13, 2011

New Fabric and More Pictures of Quilt Classes Winter 2011 At Cottonseed Glory

 Clare and Val and I went to Cottonseed Glory to see the new fabrics and take more pictures of the upcoming classes. In this picture, she is squirming because she wanted to get down and run through the store squealing with delight and touching the fabric.  
The ladies in the shop were so hospitable and friendly to Clare.  She toddled from room to room saying "Green!" "Blue!" "White!"

I love the new fabrics for Spring:
This would make a wonderful pillow case, quilt or curtains for a toddler in love with the Thomas stories.

The shop also has fabric that looks like bricks to pair with this!

It would make an awfully cute baby quilt!
But this below is for big girls:

This photograph doesn't really do justice to the bright tones of the new fabric... you'll have to see for yourself.

Plenty of pink for all of you expecting baby girls in your families, or for little sun dresses or quilts for bigger girls.

The fabrics from Moda are always a classic favorite...

It staggers the imagination!

 Valerie brought her camera and she is an insightful photographer. She took the following  pictures of some of the samples for upcoming classes.

This class will be taught on Saturday, March 5.

In it quilters will learn to make this textured wall hanging. The waves are made from prairie points and adding texture and dimension.  Quilter Jinnie Siever says, "Simple piecing and a little bit of machine appliqué complete this quilt in no time."

I love the mix of colors, the brightness of the boats...

And the wonderful, imaginative waves.  

Below are better pictures of the T-shirt quilt mentioned before.  This quilt does more than just join old shirts together to make a quilt.  Techniques prepare the T-shirts so that they fit into the quilt and can be quilted, adding durability, beauty and texture. 

What a great way to celebrate travels, interests, or school memories.

Love the textured look of quilts.
Come to see these and more at Cottonseed Glory, 4 Annapolis St., Annapolis. 

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