Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Quilting Classes

If you're looking for something creative to do on the next few Saturdays, I'd like to suggest a class at Cottonseed Glory.
Pam Harrell is teaching how to make this interesting quilt on Saturday,  January 22 and another one the next week!.

Don't you love the colors?

Here's a close up.  Pam has chosen batik fabrics which are really rich, true colors on handprinted fabric. They are stirring and gorgeous.

The pattern uses strips of fabric to make the blocks. You'll get a great deal done by sewing all day Saturday with instructions on how to finish.

Here's a close-up of the quilt.  You can see the unique beauty of each of the fabrics, yet they blend so well together.

Storm at Sea is a traditional pattern that has been made easier for the modern quilter.  I love this blue and white example, but it can be made in other colors, too.
The class for this quilt is offered on two Sunday afternoons. The flowers are machine embroidered and appliqued!

This T-shirt quilt has really captured my imagination!

 It's hard to find a quilt that a teenage boy or a college student would like, but I think this one is it.  All those beloved, but worn T-shirts... no need for flowery or old-fashioned fabric with this! In the class students will learn to cut the T-shirts, back them appropriately to stabilize them so they will work in the quilt. The class also teaches how to incorporate the blocks into the design.  What a great idea.

Here's a close up of one of the T-shirt blocks:

This quilt would be fun to make for a child. Different interesting prints with recognizable characters or things are in the blocks. These are bordered in an off-center way to create further movement and interest.
It's called the "I Spy" quilt and I can imagine a child staring at the blocks and identifying the interesting things in each.  Great for "nap" time for kids who don't actually sleep.

This unique quilt is reversible!  The colored side goes from warm colors to cool, but the back side is all black and white prints.

close up of the reversible quilt

From those just learning to sew to quilters who are looking to learn new techniques, there are many great classes at Cottonseed Glory.  Sign up now and plan to finish your shopping for your projects during their fabulous Super Bowl Sale coming up the weekend of Feb 5 and 6!

For more pictures and information visit the Cottonseed Glory Facebook page or their website.

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