Wednesday, January 5, 2011

West Annapolis Antiques

Sometimes when I've got a puzzle in my mind, I go to a resale shop.
For some reason, it helps me think.
While I wander around looking at not quite discarded items, things sort themselves in my mind. It gives a sort of perspective.

And I begin imagining.
What sort of a home would this amazing cast iron fluted muffin pan be comfortable in?

What sort of a person would treasure this book?
And sometimes a bit of fiction or an essay is born.

There are many resale shops in the Annapolis area, all wonderful in their own ways. But West Annapolis Antiques is a special place. I visited recently, looking for Christmas treasures.

If you need to get away during your lunch hour, if you need to escape and roam indoors, try a visit to this classy shop.
chandeliers are one of the shop's specialities

Located at 110 Annapolis Street, the shop is filled with elegant and practical choices.
Beautiful jewelry-- unusual things, reasonably priced,

 silver pieces to complete your grandmother's set,

as well as wonderful things like sleigh bells and delft china all so beautifully displayed.

Not only is resale shopping good for the imagination, it is a wonderful way to furnish your home. These things, purchased new would cost much more and sometimes the modern day equivalent is not made as well, lacks style and beauty and strength. 

Friends work together and offer their expertise to shoppers!

West Annapolis is a wonderful part of our town...


  1. I'm the same way! Weird. Also, I love this shop.

  2. Well, I've finished the book and what a wonderful read it is! At times I felt I couldn't read fast enough, my desire to discover the mystery within and find respite for poor Ben. I read all the way to Mexico, everyday while there, and on the way home nearly missed my connection twice because I was immersed in the book. Fortunately God had an angel watching over me and I made it home. As I reached the end I wanted to slow down and savor each page because I didn't want it to end. But what a great ending. How you possibly kept track of all the ins and outs of the story, is beyond me. I see why you need an antique store like this to help you puzzle things out. -Wendy