Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Winter Past Times

It's been cold and snowing. I love snow; it makes me feel creative. I wasn't feeling great this week, so I had to stay home, and the wheels in my mind started turning.  I found some journals that were blank --totally blank with nothing written in them yet.  There were seven of them! Who knows where they all came from but I remember seeing my friend Wendy recovering books to make them pretty. Mine weren't so pretty.
So, I got to work.
I sat near the heater and watched the rain and sleet and snow fall outside the window.
This deer has both antlers, but you can see that one is broken.
While I worked, three somber, shivery-looking deer stepped carefully through the ice and leaves and lay down by the fence.  Their coats were dark and faded. One had a solitary, broken antler. Winter, I suppose is hard on everybody.

I kept working, cutting paper shapes, layering colors, brushing the glue on with a kiddie paintbrush and creating designs that somehow refreshed my soul while the deer stayed, glancing at me from their careful distance.  An entire flock of blue birds came to my holly tree. I watched them splash in the icy bird bath. Two huge robins scared them away. I used to like robins.
I kept working. The bluebirds returned.
I wonder if the blue birds who came this year were the same ones that visited last winter?

 I love it when creatures keep me company.
 Except for the stink bug that crawled right up my sweater!  That jolted me to reality.
Why did I have so many journals?
Because, though I am a writer, I don't write in this sort of journal. I use my computer, or composition books left from my children's years in school half-used and plentiful.  I take another sort with me, very slim and light in order to keep my overstuffed purse from weighing enough to separate my shoulder.

So if any of you aspiring writers out there have been meaning to buy a copy of Solomon's Puzzle, this is the week to do it! The journals are one of a kind as pictured below. First come, first served and free with a copy of the novel.  Use the "Contact Us" button to tell me if you have a preference..


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