Thursday, February 10, 2011

French Bread

Because I love home made things, I'm thrilled beyond words when someone thinks to give me something hand made.
You can imagine how delighted I was when my friend Karlene brought a warm loaf of French bread to our little sewing club, Sewing with Friends and put it in my hands.
I admire Karlene. Not only is she cheerful and friendly to one and all, but she loves to make things and despite her busy household, she does things like make bread, or quilts, or clothes for her children. And in the midst of this, she has time for other people. She remembers what they are doing and thinks of ways to help and encourage them.  I mean, look at this fantastic bread!

I meant to serve it right then and there to my sewing friends, but somehow forgot... and I'm just a tiny bit glad I did. 

Because this morning, there was plenty for my breakfast. Look how even the texture is. The crust was as crisp as you could imagine, too.

Perfect! Thank you, Karlene. You're an inspiration!

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