Thursday, February 24, 2011

Further Adventures of The Chesapeake Boys

As you can see,
we've gotten much better at cooperating
 and making our chocolate pancakes
 (which have lots of hidden healthy ingredients).
 I posted the recipe and method for these in another blog.
This time the boys were fascinated to watch the little bubbles form as the pancakes cooked.

And because it was a nice day,

we went to the water side, to throw small rocks

 and visit all the places we've missed in the freezing weather.

We wanted to check on our favorite animals. The boys were hoping to hear the great blue heron squawk as it lifted up in flight, but it wasn't to be seen.

We got not even a glimpse of the Great Chesapeake Whale spotted so often when they were younger and their eyes for such things that much better.

They did find a length of fishing line so Joey and I made a rod using a twig for a "hook." It worked well-- on the seaweed which they fished up onto the dock, onto their clothes and into their hair.

That's when Jack saw what he insisted was the Great Chesapeake Eel.

May they long keep their keen and perceptive vision!

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