Monday, February 21, 2011

Laurie MacBride's Chocolate Scottie and Snowflake Cookies

Laurie MacBride’s Chocolate Shortbread Scottie and Snowflake Cookies

These wonderful cookies were imagined while I was writing Solomon’s Puzzle. I was describing the quilt store Eight Hands Around and remembering how hungry and tea-thirsty I always feel when shopping for fabric or trying to plan a project.  The shelves of fabric grouped by color filling the space were familiar to me– hadn’t I dreamed about it while wandering through Cottonseed Glory and other quilt shops? I could imagine the gestures of caring and friendship that flowed from the shop. Hadn’t I been uplifted by such communities and hoped for such when I was alone? I could feel the cozy, bright feeling of being in the shop, but what would be served in this cafe in the back?  I could imagine the cafe with its warm- colored walls and rich espresso scent, the crisp tablecloths, creamy roses on the table.  Hmmm. (Read more...)

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