Monday, February 28, 2011

A Special Moment

True it happened at Christmas,
but I was just remembering what a special moment it was.
I think I loved it because it meant community to me.
 It seems that here in Annapolis,
 it's easy to be friends with people in any generation.
Annapolis has all the best qualities of a small town.

  For instance, my friends Brianne Leith and Lacey Wheatley arranged an event at Vivo! I had a quick visit with Brianne's mother, a colleague and friend, and was happy to see Lacey's mother-in-law, Susan Wheatley, who used to watch long baseball games with me.

Brianne and her mom, Laurell pictured at the counter. Friends Ben and Tara not only browsed in the background but saved my car from being towed.

 I was to sign my books for people who wanted to buy one while Valerie sang Christmas songs!

Vivo was crowded with shoppers for Midnight Madness.  And one of the best moments was when Molly, one of Val's voice students, sang with her.

Lots of friends stopped by to cheer us including Molly's fans... who are also friends.

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  1. Cool! I didn't know Molly was a singer! Go girl!