Wednesday, February 2, 2011

When it Snowed, I Sewed

 I made a pillowcase for Joey.  He wanted something "scary." I found fabric with dinosaur bones which I thought were scary enough for a kid at night.  I thought that the green fabric, with the oval shaped dots suggested dinosaur eggs!

Since before Clare was born, I had planned to make these darling, kimono-style pajamas from Amy Butler's book.
Well, I finally did it.  I love Amy Butler's style, love the colors she chooses and the fabrics she designs, but I often find that her patterns are hard to follow. This was no exception.  There were needless steps and confusing, very tiny directions.  

But the beautiful fabric made it all worthwhile.  Smooth and soft, such beautiful, spring-like colors!

The pattern called for side ties, but I couldn't imagine any child keeping the ties tied.  So I made button holes and added buttons. 

  I also lined the hem of the pajama top to make it look more finished.  I hope they're as comfy as they look!

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  1. yes please! both of your snow projects are very pleasing!!!!!!

    I love that he wanted something scary :)

    and those jammies?! perfection.