Thursday, March 31, 2011

Our Friends and Family at the Craft Show

What a surprise to find Valerie's sister-in-law, Liz, and her friend, Bethany, at the Glen Burnie High School Marching Band Craft Fair this spring! But there they were, around the corner from us. 

Bethany and Liz at their booth
I lived the bright, colorful look of their booth and every single thing they had in it!

There are cute and colorful hair clips.

bracelets made from fabric...

Pony-tail holders made from covered buttons... how cute! And look at the packaging, the display!

Bethany also makes tutus for little twirling girls.

in every color...

Liz makes bags. She has an eye for fabric selection and her workmanship is superb!

Everything was done with artistic flair...

I like these so much better than the popular and very expensive bags at the mall!

Who wouldn't want one of these? It's fresh and pretty and made by hand.

This bag has a plethora of pockets. The bag is lined in a matching green.

I ordered a peach colored tutu for my granddaughter.  Look at how beautifully Bethany wrapped it up for me! 

And the tutu itself! Gorgeous. luxurious and so reasonably priced! 

Visit their etsy shops and you'll fall in love, too.

Hair accessories and tutus: 

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Quilt Show Tales Part 1: Italian Bakery

At the last minute I decided to drive up to the Quilt Show in Lancaster, PA. It was a sunny day and the fields of Lancaster, farm fields look wide open, full of sky.  The quilts were inspiring, lovely, amazing!
Here are details from a couple: 

The workmanship was pure art!

But one has to eat while being inspired, and I hate to admit it in public, but I don't care for most of the food served in Lancaster.  The pretzels stay in your stomach for about six months. There's not a good cup of tea to be found in the entire county (except at Dunkin' Donuts and that doesn't count because it's not really local fare). The food is too filling and without flavor;  the last time I ate half of one of their specialty sandwiches it filled my stomach so stuffed I looked like I was 10 months pregnant, or more.

So, what to eat and where?  We walked out into the sunshine and wandered a bit. It felt like 70 degrees. We saw a lovely sign, "Red Rose" and enjoyed a simple inexpensive lunch there.

But around the corner we found a gem! The sign said, Italian Bakery.

Inside was charming, warm and scented like heaven!

The display cases held the most exquisite and delicious baked goods.
We bought a crisp chocolate cookie filled with more creamy chocolate and dipped in dark chocolate.

I love the way the cookies are so neatly and beautifully displayed. So we bought some others, just to try them...wonderful!

The cakes, obviously made with skill and love.

These pastries are edible art! And I don't have a picture of the bread we bought, but it was perfect - crisp lightly floured crust, soft crumb, flavorful, light, fragrant.

Look at the biscotti! So many flavors and the display so beautifully done! I loved everything, even the color of the walls.

And they serve savories...

But when I saw the blue Lavazza cups, I knew I'd found a bit of Italy right there in Lancaster County.

And the coffee tasted heavenly!  Fragrant and brisk and reminiscent of a beautiful trip we took to Italy where I first met this incomparable coffee.

Next time you're in Lancaster, visit La Dolce Vita, meet the three sisters who own the shop and enjoy the best coffee and the most delicious home baked goods.

We can't wait to go back and sample some more things!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Craft Fair Fun

Two sweet people helped me at the Glen Burnie High School Marching Band Craft Fair. Karl, who carried all the heavy things and visited with the shoppers in his friendly way, and Val, whose sparkle drew lots of people to our table.  

The quilts are samples made for Cottonseed Glory kits and classes. They are available for purchase there. 

The bags were made by my friend Rhoda, a fabulous seamstress and quilter. 

We went to the Glen Burnie Craft Fair this past December and had a great time.  The kids in the marching band work at the craft fair and they were helpful and polite and just as great as could be. So when the craft fair came around again I thought it would be great to go back.

We were given the same place and so we had already made friends with the crafter's next door. That's Tracy, reading bits of Solomon's Puzzle between craft shoppers.

Valerie and Karl made it even more fun.  Don't you just love them? I sure do!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Lego Loving Kids Act Now!

Franklin's Toys ( formerly BeBeep in Annapolis Festival at Riva and in Severna Park) is a wonderful and friendly place for kids, parents and grandparents. They toys encourage creative play, the people there are helpful and friendly. Clean and comfortable, kids are welcome to look and exclaim.

And right now, they are holding a lego creation contest. It's easy to enter. When Joey, Jack and I went today, we found the entire experience to be refreshing and encouraging.

To enter, the kid builds a lego thing... anything he or she wants to build. Joey built a falcon plane (whatever that is) and Jack built a wagon.

Bring it to either location of Franklin's Toys.

There they will talk to the child with great interest and kindness about what the child built. I was really pleased with the way they engaged Joey and Jack in conversation about what they had made and why. Joey explained, "I love the flat pieces. I LOVE 'em."

 I think he'll win for exuberance!  After assigning the lego creation a number, they take a picture of the kid holding what he or she made before they carefully stand it with the picture in the display window.

the contest entries!

 Entering the contest is free, takes very little time and the people at Franklin's Toys make it tons of fun.

putting their contest entries in the display windows

The children are invited back to get a prize -- just for entering, and to pick up their legos.

Joey and Jack with their lego creations and their pictures in the display window. 

The contest runs until March 30.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Pajama Pants Class at Cottonseed Glory

Just in case you are looking for something to do or wanting to learn a new skill, I thought I'd let you know that I'm teaching a pajama pants class at Cottonseed Glory next week on March 22.  It's an evening class and promises to be lots of fun.
Here's the pajama pants you can make for yourself, your sister, your hubby, (imagine them made with manly fabric and without the contrasting accent) or for a little one.

The pattern has both adult and child sizes so it can be used for several projects.

The pajamas are easy to make and a wonderful project for a beginning seamstress.
If you are nervous about using your machine, this would be a great class to take because I plan to give pointers about that, too.

Here is an overview of the sewing skills you'll learn.

How to cut, make and apply bias tape for edging.

Pinning and sewing basics...

The contrast fabric is used to create a finished hem on the pants' legs:

I used vintage buttons at the waist...

And at the contrasting pocket on the leg! However, buttonholes are not required!

Check out Cottonseed Glory's class list, the store itself and all the beautiful fabric that would make pajama pants!