Thursday, March 3, 2011

All Things Country Finds Springtime!

All Things Country is a wonderful shop with an inspiring motto:
  Bringing Beauty To Life One Home at a Time. 
This idea appeals to me and I was thrilled when they hosted a book signing for Solomon's Puzzle recently.
   The shop has been transformed to welcome Spring!

As soon as I walked in to All Things Country, I was greeted by their friendly golden retriever, who kept me company all after noon. A moment later, I  met a friend-- and the rest of the day was just that warm.  Friends and family stopped by to say 'hi' and I made many new friends.

There were a few minutes here and there to look around and to visit with the friendly staff.  The displays show beautiful ways to make your home sparkle.

Everyone who stopped to talk remarked about how pretty this teapot looked.

The window display shows the transition from winter to spring.

I can just imagine these imaginative lanterns in the garden, can't you?

Who wouldn't want this lovely wreath on the front door?

Vintage and cute...

and special things to make your home beautiful.

I love these unusual Easter things and so did the shops many visitors. Some people stayed for an hour or more, visiting, looking, planning. I caught bits of conversation, heard how encouraging the staff was, noticed how friends gathered in this special place. 

Love the cute, fat rabbit!

 When you visit All Things Country, you'll leave with treasures for your home, but your heart will be warmed by this special, friendly place.

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  1. What a gorgeous teapot! And I love the vintage look and feel of the items! Makes me wish I lived in Maryland!