Tuesday, March 1, 2011

It Happened Again!

Andrea wanted me to update her nursery curtains for her new baby girl.
We thought we'd add some rickrack.
But somehow...
it didn't seem quite right.
I thought it need a bit more love.
And as my friend Jo-Ann says, the love was simply pouring into my fingers so...

I also had more fabric to fabric web glue and so I pressed that onto the same fabric I used to update the crib skirt and the wall hanging. I cut flowers from that fabric and pressed them onto the middle points of the curtain, the two edges and then halfway between those two points.  It looked cute but... unfinished.

But then I remembered a blog called How About Orange. They had directions for making three dimensional flowers. 

I happened to have some fabric stiffener and followed the directions on How About Orange, making a few changes.  I watered down the fabric stiffener and I let the fabric dry a bit before putting it in the microwave for just 30 seconds (the fumes are pretty strong -- just to warn you if you try it). 
Rather than cut the flowers out by hand, I used the paper cutter machine I bought for making stuff for Val and Andrew's wedding (thanks Val and Andrew for getting married and having your wedding here so I would have to buy things I'm still using!).

 Turns out it cuts fabric as well!  

I had just a piece of the bright pink dot, so I made 3 covered buttons.

As I assembled the flowers, I knew I wanted layers. With the iron, I creased the flowers so that they would keep a three dimensional look. I slit the center to fit in the shank of the covered button.

And somehow put it all together! I used the flowers I'd ironed on as a backdrop and the three dimensional flowers seemed to grow out of them! 

I added more. 

It just kept getting prettier...

and brighter...

with green button flower centers, too.

I hope she likes the lady bug...

and I hope she feels the love! After all, babies are worth celebrating.

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  1. adorable!!!! I feel the love- Wendy