Friday, March 25, 2011

Lego Loving Kids Act Now!

Franklin's Toys ( formerly BeBeep in Annapolis Festival at Riva and in Severna Park) is a wonderful and friendly place for kids, parents and grandparents. They toys encourage creative play, the people there are helpful and friendly. Clean and comfortable, kids are welcome to look and exclaim.

And right now, they are holding a lego creation contest. It's easy to enter. When Joey, Jack and I went today, we found the entire experience to be refreshing and encouraging.

To enter, the kid builds a lego thing... anything he or she wants to build. Joey built a falcon plane (whatever that is) and Jack built a wagon.

Bring it to either location of Franklin's Toys.

There they will talk to the child with great interest and kindness about what the child built. I was really pleased with the way they engaged Joey and Jack in conversation about what they had made and why. Joey explained, "I love the flat pieces. I LOVE 'em."

 I think he'll win for exuberance!  After assigning the lego creation a number, they take a picture of the kid holding what he or she made before they carefully stand it with the picture in the display window.

the contest entries!

 Entering the contest is free, takes very little time and the people at Franklin's Toys make it tons of fun.

putting their contest entries in the display windows

The children are invited back to get a prize -- just for entering, and to pick up their legos.

Joey and Jack with their lego creations and their pictures in the display window. 

The contest runs until March 30.


  1. I had a friend mention this to me last week. I have got to get my kids there this week. Thanks for the reminder!

  2. When my kids were small, I loved visiting this store as much as they did. Then called BeBeep, I always loved the staff members for thier welcoming attitude and knowledge.