Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Quilt Show Tales Part 1: Italian Bakery

At the last minute I decided to drive up to the Quilt Show in Lancaster, PA. It was a sunny day and the fields of Lancaster, farm fields look wide open, full of sky.  The quilts were inspiring, lovely, amazing!
Here are details from a couple: 

The workmanship was pure art!

But one has to eat while being inspired, and I hate to admit it in public, but I don't care for most of the food served in Lancaster.  The pretzels stay in your stomach for about six months. There's not a good cup of tea to be found in the entire county (except at Dunkin' Donuts and that doesn't count because it's not really local fare). The food is too filling and without flavor;  the last time I ate half of one of their specialty sandwiches it filled my stomach so stuffed I looked like I was 10 months pregnant, or more.

So, what to eat and where?  We walked out into the sunshine and wandered a bit. It felt like 70 degrees. We saw a lovely sign, "Red Rose" and enjoyed a simple inexpensive lunch there.

But around the corner we found a gem! The sign said, Italian Bakery.

Inside was charming, warm and scented like heaven!

The display cases held the most exquisite and delicious baked goods.
We bought a crisp chocolate cookie filled with more creamy chocolate and dipped in dark chocolate.

I love the way the cookies are so neatly and beautifully displayed. So we bought some others, just to try them...wonderful!

The cakes, obviously made with skill and love.

These pastries are edible art! And I don't have a picture of the bread we bought, but it was perfect - crisp lightly floured crust, soft crumb, flavorful, light, fragrant.

Look at the biscotti! So many flavors and the display so beautifully done! I loved everything, even the color of the walls.

And they serve savories...

But when I saw the blue Lavazza cups, I knew I'd found a bit of Italy right there in Lancaster County.

And the coffee tasted heavenly!  Fragrant and brisk and reminiscent of a beautiful trip we took to Italy where I first met this incomparable coffee.

Next time you're in Lancaster, visit La Dolce Vita, meet the three sisters who own the shop and enjoy the best coffee and the most delicious home baked goods.

We can't wait to go back and sample some more things!

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