Monday, March 14, 2011

Tactile Quiet Quilt

Here's a simple quilt to make for your little one. Inside each mitten the child can find a different texture to investigate.

Choose a variety of fabrics or the background blocks. You can make 4, 8, 9 or as many mittens as you'd like to make.
Choose bright colors for the mittens
Collect trims for the mitten cuffs
Gather all sorts of materials with different textures for inside the mittens.
The idea is that the child can sneak his hand into the mitten and guess what texture is in there.

I suggest the following:
a strip of plastic netting,
a satin ribbon
a zipper
buttons sewed on securely
furry fabric
crinkly fabric
a strip of plastic bag
a strip of velvet
the fringe of a scarf I was cutting up because it had holes in it
both sides of velcro
a strip of corduroy placed horizontally

Trace a mitten on a piece of cardboard or plastic to create your mitten shape. Make sure that the cuff is wide enough for a small hand to sneak in.
3. Trace mitten shapes (as many as you need -- 1 for each block)  onto of freezer paper and cut them out. Iron this, shiny side down to the back or wrong side of the mitten fabric.  Add 1/4 inch all around and cut out.  Now, without removing the freezer paper,  press the 1/4 inch seam under, that is back onto the mitten shape and freezer paper. Glue the edges down with washable glue stick to keep it in place until you sew it.

Add the trim to the cuff.
Place the textural strips in the center of each block and sew in place.
Pin the mitten over the texture strip. Applique in place using your favorite method. I use a stitch on my machine that looks like hand applique blanket stitch. I set it on narrow width and tiny stitches. It helps to use thread (top and bottom) that matches the mitten.

Sew the appliqued blocks together, arranging the rows so that the colors are pleasing. Finish by adding borders, and quilting around the mittens to make them stand out.

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