Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Upcycle Play and Learn

Valerie has a way of taking what's at hand and making lots and lots of fun out of it.
She had a big cardboard box.
She didn't throw it out.
Oh, no!
She and Andrew cut windows and a door so Clare could have her own little play house in her own little room.
Not only that, but...
they decorated it!

The house has flowers drawn on the side with artistic flair. When people visit, they help decorate the house, too.

There's a scallop shingled roof!

 Clare uses it for a quiet place to read.

Just so her family would feel welcome, Clare has pictures of everyone (drawn by her mom) on the walls. She knows each one. Notice the pictures of her favorite wildlife as well.

The other wall has pictures of shapes that Clare is learning. Val turns each into a different facial expression denoting familiar emotions! 

Clare can imitate these, too.  
This is "worried."

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  1. One of Val's great secrets is that she actually draws better than anyone else in the family. She tries to hide it and deny it, but those cartoon versions of everyone are perfect proof. They're spot on.