Thursday, April 21, 2011

Can Opener Problems

I've had a series of can openers- all frustrating. 
When I was first married, I shunned electric can openers in favor of the environment and using less electricity. (I also used cloth napkins at the table and cloth diapers for my kids). These manual can openers were basic and difficult to use. Most of the time when great strength and perseverance was applied, they worked and opened the can, but left a ragged edge. Care had to be taken to dispose of the lid and the can.

Life went on, cloth diapers became rags and I was busier outside the home so began using paper products and I got a series of electric can openers, each more frustrating and flimsy than the one before.

 I think they are why I got into the habit of preferring fresh food and also why I continue to preserve some things on my own. Hours in the kitchen with the hot water bath boiling are worth all the frustration even one of those can openers caused me. Until now! 

I was given a lovely can opener for Christmas, but it promptly broke. As I had no other, I hunted for another. This one looked different:

It was made in Switzerland. I remembered my visits there, the calm efficiency, the trains always on time, the landscape by the highways always free of bramble and debris. Hmmm...

I bought it. It works. It works like no other!!

Attach the device to the top of the can. It clicks into place with no trouble at all. Turn the lever on top and the can opener rotates around the top of the can. You think nothing is happening, but that's because it is so smooth and easy! 

Attached to the handle is a tiny set of pliers.  Use these to grasp the lid. 

It comes up. Notice anything? Anything wonderful and amazing? 

The entire can lid lifts up! No ragged edges, completely, astonishingly neat! 

See what I mean? 
Oh, I made spaghetti and meatballs with the tomatoes.  Would you like the recipe?


  1. I completely understand your glee! We have been through more can openers than Christmases over here. (Not really, but we've been through several.) Where, oh where, did you find this Swiss marvel?

  2. I have a can opener like this. Not from Switz but from Pampered chef, but works the same way. I too love it. Not getting cut by the can or lid. . Wendy

  3. One day, as I was leaving to do errand, my husband told me to be sure and pick up a can opener. When I asked him why he said the one we had would be lying in the back yard when I got home. Guess he had enough of the hard to operate can opener too!

  4. I am sorry the other one broke, but this has to be way better. The swiss sure do make some great stuff.