Friday, April 1, 2011

Finding Things In Common at the Craft Show

Right next door to us at the craft show were friends sharing a table. Tracy makes hair clips

One of the great things about Tracy's clips is that they come in different sizes. There was lots of variety of beautiful, bright, seasonal, cute clips tiny enough for little girls with just wisps of hair.

I love the clever display and I'm so glad Tracy was placed next to us again.  Tracy is a hard-working professional. She's also a mom with many inspirational ideas. Turns out she wants to learn to sew... I love finding things in common with people.

Sharing her space was Julie who makes a variety of things for little girls...

These onesies have been given a tiny skirt...

By using camouflage fabric, this outfit was made to honor those in the military.

Julie hopes to sell her work on her website

and then, to end a lovely day, this nice lady gave us chocolate dipped pretzels... just to be kind. And it turns out... she's writing a book, too!

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  1. How fun!! One of my biggest dreams is to make things that are beautiful to be able to share with others like all of you did that day!