Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A Reader's Review

of Solomon's Puzzle


Book Review: Solomon's Puzzle

Imagine for a minute growing up the red-headed stepchild, so to speak, of a father who seemingly despises you for no apparent reason other than your mere existence that fuels his anger.

Imagine enduring a secret life of pain inflicted by the person who's supposed to love you unconditionally and ignorance from those who should be bold enough to stand up for you.

If you can't quite fathom such a life, you'll have no trouble sympathizing with teenager Ben Hunter, son of Colonel Max Hunter, a USNA graduate with skeletons that lurk deep and plentifully in his closet.  When the booze doesn't quite bury the skeletons enough, an out of control temper and brute force against the son he clings to with an iron fist will try to finish the job.

Solomon's Puzzle by Loris Nebbia tells the story of this deeply afflicted father son duo. (Read more...)

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