Monday, April 4, 2011

Science for Preschoolers

I love doing science sort of things with my grandchildren.  Of course this includes cooking which is really a form of chemistry with a bit of art mixed in. But it makes sense to help them learn how the world works.  They love it, too.  A friend recommended this book for help in creating simple science experiments.

I like it because the experiments require simple objects commonly found around the house (such as in your junk drawer -if you have one).  Balloons, twist ties, duct tape, etc.  

But because this book lists the needs so plainly, I plan to create a plastic bin with items for science experiments.  I'll let you know when this actually happens. Until then, on a rainy day, Joey, Jack and I did these experiments.

First we made a tornado in a bottle:

Good thing there was duct tape in the drawer.

Triumph! We did this over and over again, replacing the duct tape and fixing the imperfect seal. 

Then we tried the diver/gravity experiment:

They each made a diver from tin foil. With a paper clip, we attached a bendy straw to the diver's back to simulate his breathing tank and to create a place for air to be trapped and then displaced.

They put their divers into the "tank."

At first they didn't know what would happen.

And then...

squeezing the bottle forced the lighter air out of the straw taped to the diver's back and forced the heavier water in, so he sank -- to their delight and fascination.

Next we made clay people and parachutes as suggested in the page pictured above.  I don't have a picture of this because while the boys were flinging these all over the family room, I cleaned up!

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  1. These are really great pictures! I am glad they have such a great grannie!