Monday, May 2, 2011

The Quilt That Began Long Ago

If you read the first blog about Andrea's birthday this year, you know that I mentioned a certain pink fabric I bought long ago thinking of the little girl they'd one day have.  So sometime along the way, I found a pack of what's called, in the quilting world, charm squares. These are five inch squares of cotton quilting fabric and in this case they were all designed to go together.  For some reason, their brightness and style made me think of Joe and Andrea and... well, you know who.
   So I bought them and made this quilt using a pattern that my friends Jo-Ann and Ellen invented.
You don't have to use 5" squares and they don't have to be purchased in a pack. But you group the squares whatever size you choose) in sets of four as you see below. (The orange stickies on the top row tell me where they go in the order of the rows).

Once the four squares are sewn together, border the newly formed bigger square:

note the pink dot fabric...!

I chose a variety of colors for the borders to achieve the look I wanted.

Arrange the blocks in a pleasing order, three blocks x four blocks. Sew the rows together, then sew the rows to each other. Press, add border, if you wish. 

   Then I began hearing that Joe and Andrea's family was complete after two boys. I felt sort of dumb for having made the quilt top.  I almost gave it away three or four times. But something stopped me.
So a few weeks ago, when Andrea came to pick up Joey and Jack and showed us a sonogram picture with the words "It's a girl!" written on top, I remembered where I'd packed the quilt top away.

Time to finish it.
So I pressed it, cut some of that wonderful, pink dot fabric for the binding...

made my quilt sandwich
quilted it

put the binding on

now it's ready to give.

I'm going to make some receiving blankets to go with it.


  1. I want to learn to quilt! So beautiful!

  2. What a beautiful quilt to keep your new granddaughter warm! You do such beautiful work. (We still have the quilt you made for Ariana when she was born 19 years ago.) Congratulation in advance on this new addition to your family.