Monday, June 20, 2011

Those Neighbors!

I have the rudest neighbors. They claim to love my garden but they really have no respect at all for the gardener. Now it turns out they have stooped to stealing my beautiful hydrangeas. 
Can you believe it?
The first thing I do when I wake up in the morning is look outside. 
What did I see this morning?
There they were, bold as could be  pulling the tops off my blooming hydrangeas. 
No more bouquets for me! 
I opened the window and shouted at them. 
By the time I got downstairs, I realized that they'd been there for a while. 
In fact, they were camping out in my back yard! I mean, come on! He's lying down like he's perfectly safe and comfortable. 

I went outside to confront them and they were completely shameless and a bit annoyed as if I were the one intruding and munching on their lovely hydrangeas.

What would you do with neighbors like this?


  1. maybe put out some sweet corn? ;) sorry about your lovely hydrangea...

  2. Andrew's comment is hilarious! Sounds like my guys. So sorry to hear that they love your flowers. Something was bedded down in my zucchini plants last night. Two were flattened. The joys of having nature close by.

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  4. You could try planting some deer resistant plants around the perimeter of your yard. They might lose interest in the other plants if they are confronted with un-appetizing options first!

    Here is a website I used to research when we moved to central Virginia (aka Deer Country!)

  5. First of all, I can't believe that you would post something negative about anyone, much less your neighbors!! Then, I saw the deer and couldn't stop laughing!!!

    I'm sorry about your hydrangeas!! You can come get some of mine...

  6. Wow my husband would be so excited to see those bucks! He's a fantastic hunter...if they are still around for deer season ill let him know hehe =)

  7. This is way I gave up on geraniums and even pansy's. Finally, put in marigolds this year. Deer don't like them!