Monday, July 11, 2011

Covered Button Pony Tail Holders

Covered Button Pony Tail holders

These are fun and easy to make.
Fabric scraps 3 inches or bigger
Pony tail holders
Fabric scraps to make leaves and flowers (if desired)
Leaf and flower templates
Glue stick
Strong thread
Covered button forms (use 1 ½ inch size of bigger)

1.     Cut a circle of fabric about ¼ inch bigger than the diameter of your button.

2.     Center the design and tack it down with a bit of glue from a glue stick.

3.     Fasten the edges of the fabric over the prongs of the covered button. Snap the back on.

4.     Using a heavy thread or cord, take a few stitches sew the pony tail rubber band to the button shank. Make a knot, trim the extra thread off and it’s ready to wear or give as a gift!

(Optional: Cut leaves and flowers out of felt or woven fabric. Find a flower shape you like in clip art or in a book and trace the shape onto a piece of paper. Cut this out and trace around it onto the fabric then cut out carefully.  Tack leaves and /or flowers cut from felt or woven fabric on the back of the button with a bit of glue from the glue stick.

Using a heavy thread or cord, take a few stitches that fasten leaves and flowers to the button shank. Then continue as in step #4 above.

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  1. an inspiring idea! I am going to try this with the felt idea you suggested.