Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Conversations with Joey and Jack

We had the privilege of taking Joey and Jack to Dutch Wonderland, so it was a bit of a drive.
On the way up there was plenty of time to talk. Here's how it went.

Pop explained about the Pennsylvania Dutch area and the Amish, the buggies, the farms without electricity, buttons or wireless Internet.

Joey explained the names and powers of every Bakugan  ... more than once... wait,  more than ten times.

I tried to include Jack, who was quietly playing with Cobra Commander.
Me: "Are you happy playing, Jack?"
Jack: "Yes, I'm gnashing my teeth." He grinned to show me.

Joey: "What's the opposite of fire?"
Me: "Ice."
We played that game for many miles while Jack's eyes got droopy.

Me: "Are you tired, Jack? Why not close your eyes. You'll have plenty of energy for the park."

Jack (speaking with his hands in dramatic gestures -- he is part Italian--): "I close my eyes and sleep. Dreams come into my eyes with colors. Right into my eyes!"
Me: "Right. Me, too. What did you dream?"
Jack: "I dreamed that all the frogs camed to the river."

Joey: "My daddy is a toilet paper snob."
Pop: "Do you know what 'snob' means?"
Joey: "You have a strong opinion about it."

Me: "What kind of a snob are you, Joey?"
Joey: "I'm a Bakugan snob."
Me: "What kind of snob are you, Jack?"
Joey: "Jack is a french fry snob."
Pop: "Let Jack answer. Jack, what kind of a snob are you?"
Jack : "I'm a french fry snob."
Joey: "What kind of a snob are you, Grannie?"
Me: "I'm a tea snob.

Pop: "Joey, do you remember the name of the community we're visiting today?"
Joey: "Hmm, let's see... Smurfs?"
We had a wonderful time. The rides were clean and age appropriate. The staff was friendly and helpful to the children.  I can't imagine why people go to Disney with such a place as Dutch Wonderland so close. If you've never been, I would recommend a trip! You'll become a Wonderland snob.