Thursday, August 4, 2011

Something New At Sewing Camp

This year after enjoying the first week  of sewing camp, called Sewing Through The Seasons, we held at AACS Summer Camp, we offered Level Three Sewing In Style
Many of our girls returned for a third or fourth year with us! 
And look what they brought.
What did we ever do without cell phones?
The girls have worked hard, they've been cheerful and I haven't noticed one of them using their phones.  
This year, the teachers have been especially wonderful. They are each patient, carefully instructing, always encouraging. You have to understand that with sewing camp, lots of crawling on the floor is required and the teachers did so without one complaint.  I have loved working with them. 
The girls had lots of room for creativity.

I love seeing their careful work.
Everyone loves embellishing their finished projects! 
Don't you love how this student chose the perfect button to compliment her flower.
We learned how to make all sorts of fabric flowers. Ribbon from the ribbon factory came in handy for embellishing, too. 

Everyone made wonderful, colorful things and learned so much! 
Thanks to Andrea, Barbara, Jen, Julie, Karlene, Valerie and Wendy (and all the wonderful babysitters). Thanks to the children for sharing your wonderful mommies and thanks also to Josiah, Colleen and the other camp workers. 

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