Monday, August 15, 2011

Weekend Words

Do you know what this is?
When our granddaughter spent the weekend, she told me that it is a flumbingo. Yes, that's right and when it takes a bath, Grannie is supposed to use "shampipoo" to clean it. 

That's right. She says it with authority and confidence. Shampipoo for the flumbingo.

When we prayed at dinner, we thanked God that our granddaughter could come over. She liked this and kept bringing this up. The funny thing with Clare though is that she isn't clear on pronouns yet. She calls herself "you" and she calls me, "I."
So the conversation goes like this
Clare: "I have a granddaughter. I so glad you camed over."
Me: (pointing to myself).  "I have a granddaughter and I AM glad you came over. You are my granddaughter."
Clare: "You are my granddaughter."
Me: "Right. I know what you mean, but you mean 'Clare is my granddaughter.'"
She smiles. Looks like I (I mean me) finally understand.

We went for a walk to check on the osprey nest there.  The osprey babies, which are actually HUGE creatures who squawk loudly, were a bit scary so we hurried away.   Pretending that she was Maria from The Sound of Music,  she said to us, "You twirl like Maria," and showed us how with arms out wide. We took this as a command and shamelessly imitated her, forgetting the pronoun confusion.  Clare laughed and laughed at us; I guess neither of us looks much like Maria.

The biggest of the dolls is named "Suga Buga." Pop couldn't get this right and kept calling the doll "Hunca Munca," which brought peals of the happiest laughter.  Everyone, including you, knows who Hunca Munca really is.

We went to the farmer's market and saw all the sights.

The farmer's market is just wonderful, crowded with people and the freshest food.
Who could resist these flowers? Not I, so we picked some for you's mommy.

And marveled at so much else.

Clare got a pumpkin and decided to "crunch" it.  Hmmm.

We also discovered why she knows so many words. When asked to pick out a book to read, she chose "that big book." What can I say? You inherited the love for reading dictionaries from I.

It was hard to say good-bye when her parents came to get her. I hope "you" comes back soon.

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