Thursday, September 22, 2011

Conversations with a Two Year Old

I've been spending a lot of time with little Clare and she has a lot to say.  She knows all the words to the songs in the Sound of Music and when she can't do something, she says, "You frustrated."
She's obsessed with a little, beautiful video that my sister put together of our childhood movies.  She loves to watch them and see the funny things that "Grannie did when she a girl." I guess I'm just not very exciting now, but when I was "a girl," Clare says that "I ride a horsie all by myself. And Grannie throwed dirt!" She imitates the action and says, "That bad." Of course I agree. Love it that the sins of my youth were captured on film to be viewed by subsequent generations. Sigh.

She started calling her stuffed animals after my sisters, Stefy and Gloria. Gloria (a brown bear) stands on her head. Stefy plays "Ring Rosie" with Clare, because according to the movie, we got very dressed up and did that a lot.  I'm glad Clare likes it; I can't watch it without getting choked up and now even more so.

Pop and I were staying with Clare while her new sister had to go quickly to the doctor for a check up, I was getting dinner together. Clare came into the kitchen "to help."  I saw  her sit down on the floor and I heard her humming to herself. I glanced at her a few times. I figured all was well.
just so you know, this picture is from another time... I didn't stop to take a picture during the crisis

Not so much.
A few minutes later, Clare made a funny noise, like a squeak.
"Are you okay?"
I noticed her nose running, so I got a tissue. She's good at blowing her nose so I held the tissue up and she squeaked again, then said, "NO!"
I was startled. She looked upset and... guilty.
What's wrong, Clare?"
Now, remember her toddler use of pronouns when I tell you her reply...
"You put a bean up you nose."
"What?" I cried.  I looked but could see nothing.  Her nose is so little! "Let's try to blow it again," I said, as calmly as I could wondering if both sisters would end up that evening at the ER.
Don't you know, she blew her nose as hard as she could and out popped a coffee bean! Yep!
All turned out well, though and Violet came home, safe and sound, too. The next day, when her sister woke up and was looking around, Clare said, "Look, Violet is awake in the manger!" We all agree that version of the song actually makes more sense.
Talk about cute!


  1. What is it with kids and beans and noses? I'm so glad both your beautiful granddaughters are okay.

  2. Aren't the little ones just precious!!! I love that you get to spend time with them!