Friday, November 4, 2011

Slug Slime and Other Joys

 As Jack himself says, he loves "living creatures." He has sparkle eyes and a heart full of love, as I like to tell him and when I do, he reminds me that his dog, Calypso also has sparkle eyes.  I think we must be recognizing the love light.
Jack likes to pick what he is going to eat and when I suggest something wonderful like grilled cheese, he says "No!" Pancakes? "No, thank you!" So I tried reverse psycology which works with his cousin. Recently I asked Clare if she wanted a grilled cheese sandwhich (thinking who woudn't?) she said, "No thank you, please!" As I opened my mouth to speak, she admonished the room, "Mommy and Grannie say, you hafta eat someping!"  So I started asking her, "Would you like a slug sandwich?" "No!" A snake salad?" "No!" Suddenly grilled cheese was looking pretty good.
So I decided to try this with Jack, thinking I was very clever: If you don't want grilled cheese or pancakes, do you want a slug sandwich?"
"Yes!!" he cried, eyes sparkling even brighter.
We settled on cheese and crackers and hurried through that because it was a bright autumn day and for the first time Diana was present and awake to join our bug hunt club.  She must have provided some sort of extra spark because while we were following the trails of slug slime in search of the slugs Jack loves, look what we found! The biggest worm I've ever seen.

Yes, I couldn't believe it! Jack grabbed it and you can see how pleased he was.

He made a home for it in the bucket with plenty of dirt and flowers and leaves.  


Once the work was snug in his little habitat, Jack decided to draw a treasure map on my slate walk way. He took a big round rock and "drew" mountains and seas and volcanos and a trail for the treasure-seekers to follow. Diana and I watched. I don't have a picture of Diana watching because it was all I could do to hold her and take a picture of Jack.  

It's a pretty great map, isn't it?  I love his innovation and creativity.  

Later Diana got to pull Jack's hair.  I guess that's almost as good as picking up slugs and huge worms.

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