Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Nativity Story

I had a wonderful day recently.  Jack was here and we used the marionettes and stage that I made with my husband Karl, daughters Andrea and Valerie.
I got the idea from an illustration by Tasha Tudor and for some reason thought our family needed this.
It was a summer-long project. But this year, it was ready and waiting in the living room when Jack and I got home.

First we scrounged around for all the stuffed animals we could find. These were to be the audience.  Then the play began.

We did rehearse, just remembering from years' past.
Jack played was versatile, taking different parts.

When the shepherds came, he told me that they had woken the baby up.
"Did he cry?" I asked?
"Yes...."Jack squinted at me. "NO! 'No crying he makes!'" He had learned "Away in a Manger" that morning at his wonderful pre-school.

So we sang it together and showed the rapt audience all the puppets close up.

I was one happy Grannie.

Andrea and other friends are using these puppets at New Hope Chapel today during our Community Christmas Gathering.  Come to see us!

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  1. How adorable. What a smart little guy to remember so many details!