Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Rehearsal Dinner

When you have sons, you get to host a rehearsal dinner before the wedding. This suits me just fine. The rehearsal for Karl and Rosa's wedding was held on Thursday before the Sunday wedding. This is a great idea for anyone who can possibly swing it. I would highly recommend it!  It helped make everything as simple and relaxed as Karl and Rosa wanted it to be.

Karl will work and serve people, but he hates to ask anyone to do anything for him. He's independent, yes, but also considerate.  He cares about people and doesn't like to hassle.  Rosa is a "big picture" person, and so she also wanted the rehearsal dinner to offer people a lovely dinner and a place to party without too much fuss.  So we had spaghetti and meatballs here at our house.

I had lots of help that day to get ready. Andrew helped clean up AND he fixed my faucet.  My family was such a blessing to come and help.
They really are helping! They are testing the food to see if it is any good.
I love having my family around. It's fulfilling to work together. It was noisy and messy and altogether great!
Aunt Val making Diana laugh

Andrea made the most delicious bread sticks. They were crisp and flavored with salt and herbs.
For some reason, I made pizzelles, which are a crisp, flavorful Italian cookie, for the other two rehearsal dinners, so I had to make them again.  This time, I made pumpkin pizzelles and chocolate!  Yummy.

Joey helped me set the tables! The picture is blurry because he's always in motion.

The flowers are the fun part for me so these pictures are all of the preparation, because once the dinner happened, I was too busy to find my camera!

Val tucked the checked napkin into 3 plastic cups and then we put the utensils int here.  Very fancy!

We set up small tables all around the downstairs, so it felt like a little Italian restaurant.  I've always wanted to do that and it turned out to be warm and conducive to talking and enjoying dinner.

These roses are for Rosa-- red is her favorite and she likes roses... so... Happy Rehearsal Dinner!

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