Thursday, December 1, 2011

A Room With A View: part 2 of Karl and Rosa's wedding

Karl found Camp Wabanna when he was a senior in high school. Senior year was a difficult one. Faith had awakened in Karl and that changed everything for him... the way he spent his free time, the things he said, and the things he did. It also changed the plans he'd been making for his life.  Now a fresh and beautiful impulse arose inside bidding him look for how best to serve others.

I'm not sure how he found out about Camp Wabanna. I know friends in Marching Band had been there or worked there, but sometime in the middle of that difficult year, he applied to work at Camp Wabanna in the summer. I remember that Mrs. Wolfe lent Karl her office for a phone interview during his study hall with the then camp director -- a kind and generous gesture of support. That interview opened a new way for Karl.
Inside Camp Wabanna's lodge Karl and Rev David Shive plan the ceremony

That summer in Day  Camp he worked with a girl named Rosa.  I remember hearing her name from him and from Valerie (the summer she worked there, too).  Years went by as Karl and Rosa studied at their various colleges. Karl went on to work at a camp that helped at-risk students sort things out in a wilderness setting. He came back home, went to grad school and moved into the Lodge at Camp Wabanna where he worked again in the summers and on some weekends. Rosa had graduated from college, too, was working in a local school system and living with some friends in a condo on the Wabanna property.
Rosa rehearsing with her dad

Love blossomed or awakened or both!  And what better place to fall in love than Camp Wabanna, which I think is the prettiest place in the entire county!
At the rehearsal, Clare said, "Clare is so excited, and twirled on the platform.

 Surrounded on three sides by water, the white buildings and green grass lawns with their ancient stands of trees, seem like a sunny, peaceful sanctuary.  So when they decided to have their wedding there, I was thrilled.
Even the music must be rehearsed, as Clare discovered watching her aunt.

The whole family gathered to watch:

The feeling of friendly excitement meant that even a bit of "kid" noise fit in well.

Clare has been playing "wedding" ever since.

The wedding party came after work, hurrying and excited to begin celebrating.

This was Dave's 41st wedding.  The rehearsal went smoothly.  I'm standing in for Rosa's sister who was flying in the next day.

The room looked west and we were treated to the changing colors of sunset as we rehearsed. The view spoke to me.  What a beautiful view Karl and Rosa have to begin their lives- a view with a history of working together, family and friends around, a view to continued service as they look toward the Light.

As for me, I'm happy and thankful. I'm happy for Karl and Rosa. I loved being at Camp Wabanna with their wonderful friendly staff who helped with all the labors of love that a wedding requires. And I love Rosa--even her lovely name.  It is a joy to see my family growing again.

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  1. Beautiful :) This brings back sweet, sweet memories for me -- it's a beautiful place to get married. Congratulations to Karl and Rosa!