Wednesday, December 21, 2011


The tradition of hanging stockings has been important to me since I was little.  We had no fireplace, so we hung our stockings from the staircase railing.  We opened them before breakfast and found simple treats in them. My favorite treat was a bottle of Coca Cola which my parents bought only at Christmas.  I have some memories of us then getting dressed, going to church, before having breakfast and seeing the rest of the presents under the tree.  This may not have happened every year as I have film of us opening presents in our jammies and robes... who knows?  But for some reason, the stockings have a special, break-of-dawn thrill to me. So of course, the sewing of stockings had to be included at the end of Solomon's Puzzle.

These I made for my family.  I used a variety of patterns but want to note "A Critter's Christmas" by Brandwine Designs for the inspiration of the animals.  Now to stuff them!

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