Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Switch Up

I'm so touched that all of you are following my blog.  I'd like to switch addresses and post on the solomonspuzzle.com/blog only now.  It will be the same ol' me and the same sort of ideas and writing, but at a different web address. Would you mind signing up to follow that blog?  There's a brand new "subscribe" button on the bottom left hand side of any page. You may also ask to have blog posts emailed to you.  Thanks so much and thanks for reading!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Book Lover's Block of the Month Club

Book Lover’s Block of the Month Club

picture of blue, orange yellow sampler quilt based on the novel Solomon's PuzzleThis year Cottonseed Glory, the wonderful quilt shop in Annapolis that was the inspiration for quilting inSolomon’s Puzzle, is hosting a special book club to celebrate the love of reading and quilting.  As Pat Steiner, Cottonseed Glory’s owner says, “After all, it’s not often that a wonderful novel is centered around Annapolis and a quilt shop!”

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