Tuesday, January 22, 2013

New Book Lovers Block of the Month Club Starting

four patch red and white square with tea potLast year we gathered together at Cottonseed Gloryin Annapolis, morning and evening to learn how to make the Solomon’s Puzzle Sampler Quilt and to discuss what we’ve been reading. The Book Lovers Block of the Month Club was the brain child of Pat Steiner, who owns the shop, and little did we know how much fun it would be.
We decided not to assign a book each month, because everyone’s taste in reading is different and there is a right time for every book.  Instead each woman talked about her lifetime favorite books (more coming to mind every meeting!) and recommended things she was currently reading.  We took notes and read those books that seemed intriguing.
Funny how talking about books brings up discussion of life, things we’re puzzling about, things we value.  Everyone enjoyed it so much, they asked to meet again this year.
We’d love it if you could join us. If you want to make the Solomon’s Puzzle quilt, there are many quilters in the club who have made their own and who can help.  As well, I’ll be teaching how to design and sew your own sampler quilt.  I thought it would be fun and meaningful to make quilts that somehow, in color or block type or name, reflect family heritage. I am part Polish and the Polish flag is red and white.  I love red and white, and I’ve always wanted to make a red and white quilt.  Another part of my heritage is that we love flowers and afternoon tea, so I want to include both ideas in my quilt. Here are the first blocks.red and white quilt block with tea theme
Wouldn’t you like to learn how to draft any block in any size that suits you?
Of course… you can choose any theme you’d like… sailboats, beach, traditional, stars, etc.
And just like last year, each month I’ll teach a new sewing technique or project.
To join the fun, visit the shop’s website, or stop in at Cottonseed Glory, 4 Annapolis Street, 410 263-3897

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